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Partnership Survey

 I'm excited to announce Team Jacob Foundation's partnership with Aimees Army! Aimee's Army founder (and mother of Aimee Dickey), Annette 'Nardelli' McKeon has been researching possible causes of DIPG and common links among children diagnosed since Aimee's diagnosis in 2007. 

Today we launched the electronic version of Aimee's survey, which we hope will enable us to gather more data from parents of children diagnosed with DIPG, and help in the fight for a cure.

Aimee's Army is a proud member of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce:

Aimee's letter to me, about her vision of Aimee's Army

Aimee wrote this letter to me before she past with the request not to open it until she died. This is her vision of what she wants for Aimee's Army. I also shared this letter at her first walk just 9 months after she passed. I feel now that the time has come to share it with others. Please, remember this letter came from a 12 year old child dying from one of the deadilest brain tumors in children called a DIPG. So, please don't be offend by some of her words.

Dear Mom,
I guess if you are reading this then it was my time to go home to our father’s house. Thank you for bringing me back to PA so I was able to see all of my family here and to say goodbye. I just want you to know how much I love you, and want to thank you for doing everything you have done for me all my life, you are the best mother any child could hope for and that is not just from me but Bobby and Jennifer as well. You were so active in my life, and supported me in all my dreams even if you didn’t think they were good dreams you always encouraged me. Your care for me especially now during my illness is more then any parent should have to go through. Thank you for not giving up on me and take every chance you could to find me a cure and for working to get me better.
As you know I am very strong in doing research to find a cure for childhood cancer so in time no other parent will ever have to hear your child has cancer and there is nothing we can do. I know we have talked many times about what I want Aimee’s Army to become, but I want to write it here just in case you forget.

1. I want Aimee’s Army, first to do awareness, then fund-raising you can’t raise funds if people don’t know this is out there. Bobby, Jennifer and Jessica can have an part in helping with the foundation but don’t let them run it. They aren’t as good at it as you are. In time when Emma gets older I want the foundation to go to her and any other children Bobby and Jess might have and if Jennifer should ever have children hers to. Please, continue to make my walk a yearly event if at all possible. I know that it will take time to be as big as that of the Susan G Komen foundation but you have time. Don’t forget all the organization I sent you through Charity Navigator so you can figure out where to send my money. Don’t forget if more money goes to the boss’s then I don’t want you to give them my money. Only if they really spend it on research. I don’t want to pay for someone’s vacation.

2. Try to start a support group, in our area. I didn’t like when they turned us down through the Leukemia foundation, and the American Cancer Society, like you said at least they have hope I had none. It made me feel as though me being sick wasn’t as important as someone else. I know you can do this. (remember how I told you our secret for now)You have taught me well and have given me so much support I know you can help other families that are going through what we are. I just wish they didn’t have to, but in time you will see.

3. Don’t forget to give everyone what I gave them (you have my will) you don’t have to do it right away but when you are ready if they can’t wait to bad. Like I said if they fight then they get nothing. I am only doing this because I love them all so much and I don’t want them to fight over my things.

4. If and when Aimee’s Army gets big enough and you get all the awareness out there and start to get a lot of money, maybe you can help support new families with their bills, like we were in the beginning. But, fist try to find a cure then families won’t have to be here in the first place. You will know when the time is right to change things if you need to.

5. I want you to tell to my story to anyone and everyone. Use my name anyway you need to. But, don’t forget to also support other groups and remember it is not about me totally but all the children past, present and future. The more faces and stories everyone hears the better chance we will have a finding a cure.

Mom, please always remember that I am with you every second of the day even though you can’t see me, I am right here with you. If you should get stuck I will give you a whack on top of the forehead just like you should have had a V-8 remember. Also, Mom don’t dare let me see you crying and laying around all day. You will never be able to see my dream come true doing that.

No matter what please don’t give up your faith it will help you deal with what you are feeling. Trust me I know these things. Again, Mom I love you so much, and I have thanked God everyday since I was a little girl for given me a Mother like you. I would never change a thing in my life with you. Don’t forget to read that poem I sent you a while back every night before you go to bed. And remember I am not that far away from you and I never will be. I will be there if and when you really need me too but I know that you are a very strong person who taught me well and you will be fine. As you told me once you will forever have our memories in your heart, so I can never really be that far from you.
Forever and always,
Aimee Lynn Dickey



An estimated 4,200 new cases of childhood primary non-malignant & malignant brain & central nervous system tumors are expected to be diagnosed in the US in 2012. Of these 4,200 new cases, and estimated 3,020 will be in children less then 15 years of age. Of that most will die within two years. Long term survival rates are still at a low 30% or less depending on the location within the brain.


Show your support for all those who have/had battle brain tumors.

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


September is
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!


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Ideas for September

Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plates: The Great State of Virginia is working on getting a special license plate produced in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness. Please go to and check this out! They need a certain number of pre-ordered plates in order to start production. Wouldn’t it be great to get all of the states to support this important cause? Let’s make it happen Team Unite! Thanks to the awesome state of Virginia for spearheading this effort! Does anyone know of other states doing this?! Please email us at [email protected] or post on our forum!

Coordinate a Blood and/or Bone Marrow Drive:Team Logan’s Aunt Sheila did this recently with her church and a blood drive benefiting children fighting cancer. She got up and Told Logan’s story and they had an incredible turn out for the blood drive! Way to go Aunt Sheila.  What a great way to honor your nephew!

Wear a Gold Ribbon and September Gear: Get kids involved and make gold ribbons to pass out with a flier at events or anywhere! Awareness is what we need! Spread the news far and wide to everyone/anyone you can! Ask your hospitals what they plan to do in September for the kids and to raise awareness! Please share what you are doing on our forum!

A very special Thank You!

We appreciate EVERYONE'S help and contributions to our collective cause. We would like to extend a special thank you to a few teams who have gone above and beyond in various ways to ensure that we are heard loud and clear.

Aimee Team Aimee

Courtney Team Courtney

Henry Team Henry

Isaac Team Isaac

Jessica Team Jessica

Lazaro Team Lazaro

These 6 teams have received a special recognition t-shirt design available along with our Team Unite September Gear. Congratulations, and THANK YOU!!!!!


Address Info

Aimee's Army
PO Box 37
Scranton, PA 18504
Aimee's Army is a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible non-profit organization, set-up to raise awareness and funding for DIPG pediatric brain tumors and all childhood cancer research.
For more information please contact Annette directly at [email protected]
Thank you all for your continued support.

Bank Account Info

Citizens Savings Bank
500 S. State Street
Clarks Summit PA 18411
Name: Aimees Army
Donations, support education, research and family assistance for childhood cancer families


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